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Strong Money Australia Book Resources

November 30, 2022

Hey there! Thanks for reading my book 😀

This page contains all the extra things I mentioned throughout the book, and a bunch of stuff I think you might find useful.

Articles and podcasts.  Calculators and tools.  Social groups and other cool stuff.  And finally, a few actions steps to help you get started.

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Here’s the additional content I referred to inside the book, where you can dive deeper and get more information on certain topics.

Hit the links to check out anything you’re interested in.



I’ve also added some extra content here which I think you’ll find useful that wasn’t mentioned in the book.



The following are a few handy calculators to help you crunch the numbers and play around with different scenarios.  Things like figuring out how long your FI journey will take, and how fast you can pay off your mortgage.

  • Networthify Early Retirement Calculator.  Probably the easiest FI calculator you’ll ever find.
  • Financial Independence Calculator.  More detailed and includes superannuation. You can also tweak it for a specific passive income target (helpful for calculating semi-retirement goals).
  • Rich, Broke or Dead? Post FIRE Calculator.  Great for working out how long your money will last in retirement and testing different ‘flexibility’ scenarios.
  • Extra Mortgage Repayment Calculator.  Figure out how fast you can be mortgage-free or nail down how much extra to pay so that it lines up with your timeframe to FI.
  • Dividend tracker.  I created my own spreadsheet which helps me keep an up to date tally of our annual passive income from investments.  You can get it below…



  • Aussie FIRE discussion group.  Regular group chat around all sorts of FIRE related topics.  Created by my buddy Aussie Firebug.
  • Reddit FI Australia.  For those who prefer forums, and those who are more detail oriented, you can pick up a lot of great knowledge here.
  • My Facebook and Twitter.  I post thoughts regularly + any content I’m working on.  Feel free to say hi or ask me a question.
  • Semi-retirement Facebook group.  Created by Money Flamingo, a great blogger and proponent of semi-retirement.
  • Pearler Blog and Exchange.  I write investing articles on the blog pretty regularly.  And the Exchange is a friendly place to ask investing questions for Pearler users.  I hang out there and answer a few myself.
  • Recommendations page.  For things I use personally and am a fan of.  The tool I use to track my investments for tax, my mortgage broker, internet and phone provider, and more.



Some of my favourite books to help expand your thinking around wealth, life, and happiness.  Just a short list, but these books are jam packed with gold.



The following is a brief collection of steps you can take to start implementing some of what was discussed in the book.  Of course, refer back to the book for all the specific guidance in each area.

1– Open a brokerage account for investing.  I use Pearler, for reasons mentioned in this article. If you’d like to join, use this link to get $40 free brokerage credit to get started (that’s a community offer, I’m not paid if you sign up).

2– Decide if you want complete FI or semi-retirement. Then calculate your passive income target or FI number (25x your annual spending), using the calculators above.

3– Optimise your spending, increase your income, and level up your savings rate.  Find the right balance for you between earning, saving, and enjoyment.

4– Get a good interest rate on your mortgage (if you have one).  Start investing or paying down debt with all your available surplus cash.

5– Repeat the process, enjoy the journey, and celebrate your progress as you work towards your new life.

6– Plan your escape from the rat race or pivot towards semi-FI.  Figure out possible part time work options and the new things you’d like to do with your upcoming freedom!

7– Spread the message further. Get friends and family on board.  Share what you’ve learned or tell them about the book.

Thanks again for reading my book!

I really hope it has brought you value.  And I hope these extra resources are useful as you start working towards financial independence.

Remember, if you found the book helpful, please leave a review on Amazon.  It would mean a lot to me.  It also helps other readers discover FI and spreads the message further.

And feel free to reach out via email to let me know how you’re getting on. I love hearing real-life stories from readers.  Email:


4 Replies to “Strong Money Australia Book Resources”

  1. Hi Dave just finished your audio book. Loved it, so much new food for thought and useful even though I am much later in my FI journey than you started! Thanks 🙂

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