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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence

Personal Updates

December 4, 2020 Investment Portfolio Update: H2 2020

Sharing the latest portfolio breakdowns, as well as our passive income and where our money is invested.

August 22, 2020 How We Manage Our Money Each Month, Explained!

Our finances are a bit complicated.  I break down how our household cashflow works while we transition from property to shares.

July 18, 2020 Investment Portfolio Update: Mid-Year 2020

Updating our passive income chart from the latest financial year, plus what changes we’ve made to our portfolio since last time.

July 11, 2020 So, About Last Week’s Post…

Clarifying my thoughts on home ownership, plus the final verdict on our decision to sell our shares or not.

July 4, 2020 Why We Might Sell Our Entire Share Portfolio…

We flirt with the idea of selling our shares to buy a house with cash here in Perth.

June 27, 2020 Reflections On Three Years Of Freedom

How has our third year of early retirement has been?  Get the details in this post.

April 21, 2020 Special Announcement: I’m Launching a Podcast!

After a number of requests, and plenty of procrastination, I’ve decided to start a podcast!

February 29, 2020 Investment Portfolio Update: H1 2020

An update to share our progress on our transition from property to shares.  What we’ve been buying (and selling).

February 1, 2020 Interview with Mrs Strong Money: Insights From the Better-Half

I ask Mrs SMA to share her thoughts on our FI journey, the lifestyle changes we made, and what it was like from her perspective.

January 11, 2020 How Much Did the Strong Money Household Spend in 2019?

I reveal exactly how much we spent in 2019, and where it went.

December 21, 2019 Our Year in Review: Strong Money Adventures in 2019

What did we did up to in 2019?  Find out here.

November 30, 2019 Confession Time: The Most Unfrugal Thing I’ve Done in 10 Years…

After much deliberation, we decided to get rid of our 20 year old car and upgrade to a nice new-ish, more economical hatchback.

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