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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence


My New Podcast “FIRE & Chill” Is Now Live (Here’s Our First 3 Episodes!)

May 19, 2020


The upcoming podcast that I mentioned a few weeks ago is now live!

To celebrate, we’ve launched with 3 episodes which you can listen to below and get stuck in straight away!

For those unaware, here’s a summary of what it’s all about:

FIRE & Chill is a podcast where I get together with Pat from Life Long Shuffle to discuss all things relating to Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) in Australia.  We cover everything from saving, spending, investments and living a great life.

Our goal, like with our blogs, is to help fellow Aussies create more freedom in their lives.  We do that by sharing what we’ve learned, drawing from our experience and research into the most effective ways to build a strong financial base and enjoy a happy early retirement.


Listen:  Welcome to FIRE & Chill!

(you can also download the mp3 file here)

In our very first episode, we discuss:

  • The idea behind our show, and who it’s for.
  • How Pat and I met, and our individual journey’s up to today.
  • Why we decided to start a podcast, and why it’s worth listening to
  • What you can expect from us going forward.


Listen:  Why Bother with FIRE?

(you can also download the mp3 file here)

Pat and I really wanted to get to the heart of things here.

Reaching Financial Independence isn’t easy.  So is it worth it?  We certainly think so!


We discuss:

  • Why your reasons for wanting Financial Independence is more important than strategy
  • Pat and Dave share their own personal reasons for pursuing FIRE
  • How your motivation fuels action and how your goal gives you light at the end of the tunnel
  • The incredible benefits of getting more freedom in your life
  • Pat shares his future plans and how he’ll spend early retirement
  • Dave explains what it’s like to be retired at such a young age.
  • And much more!



Listen:  Our Biggest Lessons on Personal Finance & Building Wealth

(you can also download the mp3 file here)

In this episode, we share the lessons that have been game-changers and helped us on the road to Financial Independence and building better lives.


We discuss:

  • The wealth illusion, debt and ‘misleading millionaires’
  • What really causes lottery winners to end up broke
  • Why spending and happiness don’t always line up how we expect
  • Personal stories from our early days learning about money and investing
  • How each of these lessons form the foundation of a wealthy life
  • Pat’s rant on irrational home buyers!
  • The unmatched power of saving
  • Wrapping our heads around compound interest
  • How people are controlled by money, rather than the other way round
  • Why your spending dictates your level of freedom


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22 Replies to “My New Podcast “FIRE & Chill” Is Now Live (Here’s Our First 3 Episodes!)”

    1. Yeah I’ve noticed that Apple hasn’t kept up on desktop. Does seems up to date on the phone tho. Maybe try phone, or different player 🙂

      1. Great work! Will be sharing with my 19yr old son. Thanks for the wise words, we are not our work! Good luck with the podcasts

  1. Thanks guys, great job on the first 3 episodes! Really appreciate you taking the time to share information in this way. I quite like the free flow of conversation and hearing about your personal insights on the podcast as this makes it more real for me personally.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Adam. Yeah we tend to ramble sometimes and even go off-topic which you can’t really do on a blog, but it’s hopefully entertaining and it’s good to hear you’re enjoying it!

  2. Thanks Dave and Pat. I like the nice conversational style that you and Pat have and will give the pod a regular listen.

  3. Great Work Dave and Pat

    Only listened to the first 2 podcasts so far but sounds like a winner to me. Will definitely add this to my list of Fire/Financial podcasts for my daily commute (yes the irony is painful).

    Do you have an average and/or minimum time you plan for each podcast to be? Or just generally ‘wing it ‘ and see what it ends up after editing?


    1. Great stuff, thanks for that!

      No standard time, we estimate around 30-50 min for most shows. But we just try to cover what we think matters on that topic, without filling it out or cutting it short to meet a time target. So mostly wing it you could say!

  4. Use money to buy back time. Right on bro! IMHO, that is the single most important concept but most people do not get it. I once worked in the finance division of a major company where one of my fellow managers gave a speech congratulating one of his staff members for joining the million dollar club (i.e. million dollar debt club). Another well paid slaves committed to serfdom.
    On another occasion, I lent my copy of the Millionaire Next Door to a friend who was deputy CFO who liked the high life and whose idea of making it to the top was a million dollar salary. He could not get through the book saying it was ridiculous. Translation: the book brought up to the surface too many psychological issues for him.
    Moral of the story: Don’t think for a minute that people who work in finance actually have a clue.

    1. Haha fascinating! Great story Steve. Some people are still hooked on the consumerism = happiness idea. Your moral of the story on finance industry is a bit worrying. The blind leading the blind I guess? lol

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