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Playing with FIRE Sydney Premiere – Meet Me In Person!

July 13, 2019

In case you haven’t heard, there is a newly released documentary about the Financial Independence, Retire Early movement.

Specifically, the doc is about one couple’s journey from living the standard consumer lifestyle, to embracing frugality and heading towards Financial Independence.

The movie features many people readers may be familiar with.  Royalty of the US early retirement scene, really.  Bloggers like Mr Money Mustache, JL Collins, and the Mad FIentist.  As well as JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly, Vicki Robin, Author of ‘Your Money or Your Life’ and the guys from Choose FI.


Here’s the movie trailor…


Playing with FIRE Down Under

The movie is currently screening in cities all over the US.  And of course, there’s a rapidly growing FI scene right here in Australia too.  So screenings are organised for Melbourne and Sydney (so far).

I believe the Melbourne one has already sold out.  But I’m sure there’ll be more viewings!  At this stage, there are no other cities confirmed.

The details for the Sydney premiere are here – Playing with FIRE Sydney.

Date:  Wednesday 14th of August.
Time:  6pm onwards.
Location: University of New South Wales.

After the film, there will be a Q&A session, with a panel of Aussie bloggers.  These include…

—  Pat from Life Long Shuffle
—  Serina from Joyful Frugalista
—  Miss Balance from All About Balance
—  And… Dave from Strong Money Australia!

Yep, I’ll be flying over from Perth for this special event!  And that’s slightly terrifying because I’m deathly afraid of public speaking and also not a fan of large crowds.  So it’s obviously a perfect fit!

But in all seriousness, I’m forcing myself to face my fears because it’s a special event.  And because of the invitation to be on the panel.  Otherwise, it’s pretty likely I continue to wuss out on other things like this, indefinitely!

Anyway, the early bird tickets are sold out.  But general tickets have just been released.  So if you live in the harbour city, want to see the movie and hang out with some like-minded people, grab a ticket!

For further details on the event and tickets, go here.

And for those who are going, please come say hello!  It would be great to meet you in person! 🙂


31 Replies to “Playing with FIRE Sydney Premiere – Meet Me In Person!”

  1. Sounds like a great event Dave. If you or any one else knows of another Melbourne screening, please let us know ????????????????

    1. Apparently the Melbourne venue is a bar that holds 50 people max!!! Someone badly underestimated how popular this doco would be!!!!

    2. Will do mate. I’ll be sure to mention at the end of a blog post if I hear of more events 🙂

  2. Hi Dave. As someone who works in an industry where speaking in front of groups is a regular activity (workplace training), my public speaking tip for you is: just treat it like a gathering of your friends – talk the way you would if you were explaining things to people you know well and are comfortable with. I can assure you, there’s no need to stress! You know your stuff, and that’s actually most of the battle. Or you could imagine it being a similar thing to the podcast you did with Aussie Firebug. You two sounded like a couple of old mates having a good chat over a beer, which is just perfect. ????

  3. We supported the development of this movie through crowdfunding, and in reply got the once-link to view last month .. it was really quite good. Anyone can host a screening, using Tugg app – here’s a link, so perhaps approach your local cinema or group,

  4. What an awesome opportunity to attend and speak Dave, and also a great opportunity to meet up with you in person! If I was in Sydney I’d love to check it out, but like Jeff, I hope there’s be another Melbourne screening.

    Be sure to have some fun while you’re in Sydney too, it’s a beautiful city – just not quite as good as Melbourne though….

    All the best with the panel session, you’ll be great! If you do a good enough job, you might end up starring in the Aussie remake of Playing with FIRE: ‘Down Under with Dave….’

    Cheers, Frankie

    1. Haha cheers Frankie!

      I’m sure there’ll be another Melbourne screening as the first one sold out in a couple of days. I really appreciate the encouragement mate. And who knows, maybe you’re right – maybe one day there’ll be an Aussie FI documentary! That’s a pretty cool thought! 🙂

  5. Gutted I can’t make this, as it’s the last day of my snow trip. It’d be really great to be able to meet all these bloggers in person that I’ve followed for so long.
    Hope to see you make your way back east again someday, Dave!

    1. Nah there is no Q&A panel at the Melbourne one – just a 50 ticket screening at a pub I believe.

  6. I posted a question about the Playing With Fire Doco on the Barefoot Blueprint’s forum recently and they said the Sun Theatre in Yarraville (suburban Melbourne) hosts private screenings. Think you have to sell a minimum number of tickets for it to run though.
    I’d be up for organising something like that if there was sufficient interest from you lot!!

  7. Latest update…
    Playing With Fire: The Documentary
    Date: Wed 21 August 2019
    Time: 7 pm start
    Venue: Sun Theatre, 8 Ballarat St, Yarraville, VIC 3013
    Ticket sales and prices are a TBC. Am in negotiations with Tugg, a 3rd party that the PWF movie producers have engaged to allow screenings.
    Watch this space…

    1. I believe 50 ticket minimum is required. Which should be no problem at all, considering the previous 50 sold out in days!

  8. So happy this is happening…so upset that I literally work at the University but am an holidays so will miss it. Have a great event guys and sure you’ll do awesome Dave.

    Only recommendation from a public speaking front if you haven’t already done so is find out what each speaker is planning to talk about so that you don’t repeat each other’s point unintentionally, outside of reinforcing each other’s point.

    Good luck

    1. Damn, that’s unfortunate mate.

      Thanks for your support Michael! It’s going to be mostly Q&A with the audience, where we just sit around and have a yarn (no presentations), so pretty relaxed. I’m sure we’ll all be saying similar things, just from different angles. Cheers!

    2. Hey Michael, Pearler is based at UNSW – I’d love to catch up with you and ask you about your FIRE journey so far once you’re back from holidays! Can also fill you in on how the event goes, if you’re keen.

  9. Latest Update… Bad news I’m afraid. There will be no screening of PWF The Documentary on 21 Aug at The Sun Theatre in Yarraville because the PWF movie producers are only permitting cinema screenings in the USA at the moment. It is likely there will be subsequent private screenings around the country later in the year. As soon as I hear anything, I will post a message and/or send an email to Dave.

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