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Podcast: ASIC’s New Guidance & The Future of FIRE & Chill

April 19, 2022

In this episode

Today we discuss the crackdown on financial content by the regulator ASIC.

We share our thoughts on these issues and how it affects what bloggers and podcasters are able to say to their audience.  The restrictions are so frustrating that we have actually decided to end the show.

We’ve both enjoyed making FIRE & Chill over the last two years and we truly hope you’ve gotten value from the content.  Thanks so much for your support and understanding.


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Thanks for tuning in!  You can check out our other episodes on the FIRE and Chill podcast page.

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26 Replies to “Podcast: ASIC’s New Guidance & The Future of FIRE & Chill”

  1. This really sucks Dave and Pat. I’ve really enjoyed your content. This is one of the few podcasts that I listen to. Sad day…

  2. This is such a shame as i have only just found your podcast. If you take down the content, i hope you can park it somewhere in case they change their mind. This saga sums up Australia really well -,a dumbed down police state. As well, it keeps the funds management and ‘professional’ industry in the driver’s seat, with less competition for ideas from other sources. Thanks and I’ll check out previous podcasts, best wishes

  3. Thank you Pat and Dave for all the valuable content you have offered us. I have learnt so much from you both sharing your journey towards FI and I am really sad to see how things have panned out. I agree with David above, I hope you can restore the content should things change. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Just got into the car and about to play the postcast and saw your email. Bad news for us. I really enjoy listening to you two.
    I really value your personal views on saving and investing and it is clear you just want to share what you have learned. It is such a shame you can’t do this. Thanks for all the fun.

  5. Such a shame! Love the pod and both of your blogs. So much value and good content and no doubt has helped thousands of people get control of their finances and improve their lives. You guys have done great work!

    I look forward to the podcast restarting sometime in the future 😉 once ASIC realises how off the mark their position is and that its a net positive all the great content that is being produced.

    Will continue to follow the blog. All the best!

  6. Thanks Guy’s have enjoyed listening to your thoughts and ideas in the past in the podcast emails. Its a shame ACIS they should be encouraging the like of yours selves. How is a person to learn what to look for, and questions to ask. Just because cause someone have a license doesn’t help. I am still battling an Insurance company that can’t get it’s act togeather with regards indexation of my premiums, Benefit payment amounts after a claim period. One thing after another with them. Good time to contact the local members as they are all looking for a vote shortly.

  7. Hats off to Dave and Pat!!!
    For all the great work you have both put into both your blogs, your writing and your podcast.

    I must first of all apologise as I have been a long term reader and fan of both of you, and this will make me a first time poster.

    The reinforcement of the laws here is absurd, however I think you are both really taking it in your stride, having a bit of a laugh about it and in the end moving on with what needs to be done – so for that I say well done!

    I would like to say a big thank you from myself and my wife who have just turned 30.
    Both of you, along with some key others including Firebug, Money Flamingo and of coarse the American FIRE blogosphere, have all had a huge impact on us and have set us on our journey to reach our FIRE goal by age 35 and start travelling the world full time.

    All of your influence, passionate writing, and fun and witty humour have also interested us in starting our own blog which was originally to be very much about FIRE and financial advice, however with these rule tweaks we may need to steer to a bit more of lifestyle advice blogging and travelling 🙂

    Anyway, we both really hope that you and Pat know and realise that you have a very real and profound effect on peoples lives (us included) and have caused and continue to create change for the better!

    You have helped to set us on the road to freedom, and for that we say a very sincere thank you 🙂

    Kind regards from the (hopefully) soon to be new bloggers from Renaissance Souls.

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment Trickster.

      No need to apologise, I’m more than happy if people are quietly reading/listening in the background without saying a word – I just hope they’re enjoying it 🙂

      Congratulations on your personal progress and all the best with your future blogging endeavours!

  8. I thought you really nailed it today when you and Pat said that those podcasts and blogs who have general licences need to make money, so they’re more likely to promote garbage. Even if it’s not a half bad product, there could be 5 or 10 objectively better products on the market. But if the half bad product is paying double in terms of sponsorship fees it’s always gonna get a plug. Sometimes the sponsors on these pods become the content. This is a terrible result for everyday Aussies.

    What you and Pat did was a public service. I’m downloading the content from both your websites and the pod and I’ll keep them saved in case. I can give them to friends and family too. You guys created some of the best introductory personal finance content in Australia. I know you’ve said you’ll keep writing Dave, but I hope Pat can find a way too. The personal finance space (you’re both bigger than the fire movement) needs more honest, independent and intelligent people like yourselves.

    1. Yeah it’s true and an unfortunate reality – hence the usefulness in having content creators who don’t actually rely on the sponsors to make it worthwhile.

      That’s a really nice thought, feel free to take anything you like for future reference/entertainment! Thanks for your support 🙂

  9. Thanks for the 50 episodes fellas, I have gained a lot from your chats over the past 2yrs. Hoping ASIC come to their senses on this so we can hear you back for ep51 sometime. All the very best.

  10. Oh so sorry to hear guys. I was just looking at your podcast after a few months to find it has been stopped. It’s a Shane by tightening these regulations people will have less great resources like yours to learn about investing and finances.

  11. Hey Dave
    I’ve been following your content on and off for a few years on my journey and saw your latest email update today and it sent me down the rabbit hole on your website…

    I live and work locally in Wanneroo, Perth and wondered if you’d be up for a coffee sometime for a chat on one of your less busy days:) I’m happy to travel anywhere in WA

    Im a few years into the FIRE journey and battling to find like minded people locally to chat to and get some hands on inspiration from… im actively investing in index funds, run a business, have tried to structure as best i can…but im sure i could gain some super useful knowledge from you and would love to hear more about the post FI experience as i come closer to my goals?

    Would love to shout you a lunch or brekkie or whatever when you up for a chat

    Thanks for the great content over the years – sorry asic put an end to it. Ironic how little genuine advice is out there even when you actively looking and the powers that be are so scared someone will litigate that its easier to just stop everyone from having an opinion and sharing it…meanwhile the masses get into more debt and less financially free as a result:( hahah rant over i promise!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for reaching out. Sure I’d be happy to meet for a chat (I’m also in Wanneroo). Send me an email thru my contact page and we’ll sort something out 🙂

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