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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence


Podcast: FIRE Away! – Listener Questions Roundup #3

July 11, 2021

In this episode…

In this podcast, we answer some juicy investing questions that have been sent in by listeners.

Topics include: unlisted property funds, which assets we think will do best over the next 30 years, highly researched stock picks, and which shares to sell if you need cash.


Listen to the show…

(or download the mp3 file here)


Discussion points…

  • Unlisted commercial property funds (04:11)
  • Which assets we think will do well over the next 30 years (20:39)
  • Would we invest in individual stocks? (28:20)
  • How do you decide which shares to sell? (35:09)

Resources and stuff mentioned…

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Podcast Transcript
Sorry, there's no transcript for this episode due to a technical issue.

4 Replies to “Podcast: FIRE Away! – Listener Questions Roundup #3”

  1. Thank you guys, that was very helpful! Particularly the discussion on which shares to sell, as we might need to do so in the next 12 months.

    Another consideration I guess relates to CGT implications, especially if you had other income during that year to push you over the tax-free threshold. And also the 50% reduction in CGT if you’ve held the shares for more than 12 months. But I do like the idea of “regret minimisation”! ????

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Cheers, Pat and Dave.

    At this point, your QnA could just be called “Choose the index fund, dummy!”

    It’s just a sign of the times, and your message at the moment is likely being drowned out by the 100s of “finfluencers” that have popped up also claiming to be “fire enthusiasts” of some ilk.

    Interesting times!

    1. Haha yeah you’re probably right. I don’t think the number of voices is going to disappear anytime soon. We’ll just have to outlast and outwit the others I guess 😉 Regardless of the questions, our answer is usually pretty simple since that there’s no secret sauce to this stuff and that’s typically the best course of action anyway.

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