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Podcast: Recessions, Fear and Market Timing

August 25, 2020

In this episode…

We explore the important topic of recessions and market downturns.

How should we deal with these disruptions on our way to financial independence?   What should we do with our investments?

(note: some details regarding the coronavirus have changed since we recorded this episode)


Listen to the show…

(you can also download the mp3 file here)


Discussion points…

  • Who could have predicted our life in 2020?  (02:44)
  • Are recession forecasts worth listening to?  (05:25)
  • Pat explains the real definition of Murphy’s Law  (10:36)
  • Market timing – why can’t we avoid the downturns?  (16:05)
  • Investing while markets are ‘expensive’  (23:28)
  • Anecdotes, Aussie punters and bubble stocks  (29:48)
  • Market returns and cherry-picking start and end dates  (32:47)
  • Our best advice for dealing with fear and uncertainty  (34:18)
  • Summary and key takeaways  (44:12)
  • Listener question: How do we track and manage our spending?  (47:35)

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Do you have something to add to this discussion?  Share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


2 Replies to “Podcast: Recessions, Fear and Market Timing”

  1. I dont understand why your’re both laughing so much at the start? I didnt realise that people dying and losing jobs was hilarious. My neighbour has to sell their house because of it. Should i laugh in their face while the wife is crying. I decided not to continue listening.

    1. Sorry to hear that. No, obviously we’re not laughing at people who are in real financial or health trouble. If you listened to the conversation it was entirely about how people should approach FIRE and investing in general through turbulent times, as you can seen from the intro notes and discussion points in this post.

      For context, we’re laughing about the often silly trading behaviour and forecasts that come up at such times that we get endless questions about. If you were familiar with us at all, or actually listened to the episode, you’d realise we’re not unsympathetic or nasty guys. But you made some early assumptions and the laughing was seen in the wrong context. Sorry for the confusion.

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