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Special Announcement: I’m Launching a Podcast!

April 21, 2020

After a number of requests, and plenty of procrastination, I’ve decided to start a podcast!

But it gets better.  I have a partner in crime who’s joining in on the fun too…

Pat the Shuffler, from the blog Life Long Shuffle, will be my co-host on the show.

We’re collaborating together on this show and we’re super excited about it.  And this isn’t just an idea – we’ve already started recording!

So I won’t give too much away, but here’s the idea behind the show and what you need to know.



Since we’re combining our efforts, it made sense to create an entirely new name and brand for the podcast.

We came up with FI/RE & Chill because, you know, FIRE.  And Chill works since we’re both pretty laid back guys.  Plus, Chill also goes with FIRE, and once you’ve retired you can chill

Anyway, it’s obviously a show about Financial Independence!  This is what Pat and I are known for writing about and we think this podcast will compliment our blogs.

As you can gather from the show’s logo above, fundamentally, we see the FIRE movement as being about helping one another build better lives (hence the people), as well as growth and financial progress (hence the arrow).

FI/RE & Chill will be launched on Tuesday 19th May.  That’s 4 weeks from today!

At this stage, we’ll be releasing new episodes once per fortnight.  We may increase this later, depending on time restraints and demand.  And we expect each show to run for 30-60 minutes on average.


Why are we starting a podcast?

Well, even though I write pretty beefy posts a lot of the time, sometimes there’s still more to say.  Conversations are often more approachable and interesting.  Not only that, but they bring out the human element too.

It’s nice to hear people’s voice as they explain things (or try to!).

Pat and I will be asking each other questions and feeding off each others comments.  Hopefully this will lead to some great discussions about all things FIRE.

I have no doubt we’ll be sharing more personal stories and real-life examples on the show, which may not fit naturally into a blog post.

Podcasts also offer huge convenience and flexibility for people too.  You can listen anywhere, while you’re doing the dishes or out for a walk, without needing to have your eyes focused on a screen.

For this reason, podcasts are becoming more popular.  Not everyone has the time for (or feels like) spending more time in front of a screen reading blogs.

Our goal, as always, is sharing what we’ve learned (and are continuing to learn) and hopefully helping a few people along the way.

So it’s really about providing content that’s easy and convenient for people to consume.  We also think (hope) we can create something good together and have fun doing it!


Why should you listen to our show?

As many of you know, Aussie Firebug has a huge podcast following and provides some great interviews.  He’s got that area covered!

So, rather than interviews, Pat and I will be having discussions together and diving into different topics on a regular basis.  Saving, lifestyle, investing, mindset, all of it!

And what’s unique is, we both have different circumstances.  I’m retired, Pat’s still working.  We live in different cities.  He’s planning to have kids, I’m not.  And we’ve both had a very different journey and experiences along the way.

This should lead to more interesting conversations, some ranting, and who knows, maybe even some arguing! (lol)

Basically, we’ll be able to go deeper into a topic on the podcast than we can on our blogs!


Listening to shows…

When we launch, you’ll be able to find FI/RE & Chill in the regular places podcasts live.  But I’ll also be releasing the shows right here on the blog, so you can simply jump on here to listen if you prefer.

By the way, we’ll probably do listener questions at the end of each episode.  So if you have a question you’d like us to answer on the show, email us at:

Oh, and I won’t be neglecting the blog either.  I’ll still be publishing a weekly blog post, so you don’t have to worry about that!

That’s it for now.  I just wanted to let you know about this special project and hope you’re as excited as we are 🙂


Live Webinar Tomorrow Night!

In other news, I’ve been invited on a webinar as a guest tomorrow night.  If you’re keen to tune in, here’s the details…

Webinar:  Investing During A Pandemic
Date:  Wednesday, April 22.
Time:  7:30pm Eastern (5:30pm Perth time).
Length:  1 hour, including Q&A.

The webinar is free and hosted by Finimize.  I’ll be joining the CEO of Sharesight, Doug Morris, and Finimize Host, Ati Aziz, as we discuss what’s happening in the sharemarket and how to approach investing in the current environment.

For full show details and to register for the event, visit this page.

I’ve asked for a recording of the webinar, so I’ll be sure to publish this here for everyone who wanted to, but didn’t get a chance to catch it live.

Phew!  That’s all for today.  Who thought this retirement gig would get so busy?!

After this, I think I’ll grab a beer and head back into isolation… Cheers!


21 Replies to “Special Announcement: I’m Launching a Podcast!”

  1. Hey Dave,

    This is amazing and congrats to you and Pat on starting the podcast. I am looking forward to listening to you guys.

  2. Sounds good!

    I saw Pat mention something about a new project announcement on his Instagram, didn’t realize it was going to be a joint project with you, awesome. Look forward to it.

    Thanks also for the webinar recording, i’ll be at work during the live streaming so i’ll be keen to give it a listen when it’s published.

  3. ????My two favourite bloggers in this space. ???????? Can’t wait to see what you guys create.

    Best of luck with it!

  4. Exciting news, Dave! I’m a huge podcast and audiobook fan, so it will be great to have more Australian FIRE voices to listen to. Keep up the excellent work. I look forward to sharing it in the regular Australian FI Weekly enews on my site.

  5. That’s very exciting news Dave and Pat. Can’t wait to tune in!!
    The Ask A Question feature will be popular I’m sure.
    I listen to the Barefoot Blueprint’s ‘private’ podcast and they’re usually very good. Those podcasts are never more than about 40 mins long; that’s about my limit!!

  6. Can’t wait to hear it. My initial thought was that you were playing on the “Netflix and chill” saying as part of the name for your podcast.

  7. Fantastic stuff Dave. Really looking forward to tuning in. Thanks also for the headsup re the event tomorrow. Just registered

  8. This made my day! I am pumped! Your work is greatly appreciated, and puts even more ‘fire’ in my belly to keep chipping away at it.

  9. That’s great news Dave.
    I’ve been an avid reader of your posts for about 6 months now, and I’m looking to start my interesting journey soon – a podcast will be a very welcome addition.

    Best wishes

    1. Um not sure at this stage mate. My understanding so far is it’s either very time consuming (have tried and can confirm it takes an insanely long time), relatively expensive to outsource to a human, or has quality issues if it’s done by a computer. Still looking into it!

      1. Fair enough mate, I’ll hope for the best! I find that podcasts just aren’t that great for me as a medium, but obviously they’re fantastic for a lot of other people who might not like reading as much.

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