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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence


Strong Money Australia is a website focused on helping people reach Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) in Australia.

I publish regular articles and podcasts, sharing my thoughts and the key lessons that have helped me on my own journey.  You can read about my personal story here.

You’ll find useful content centred on the following themes…

Saving and how to optimise your spending

The mindset and philosophy that helped me become FI at age 28

Investing and building a portfolio of income-producing assets

Living a happy and satisfying life while reaching your financial goals

There are also case studies and interviews of others who have done it (or are on their way), as well as special Q&A articles where I answer reader questions.

This is not another stuffy finance site…

I break everything down in plain English. No getting lost in jargon or fancy terminology because the author is trying to sound smart.

You’ll be able to follow along even if you don’t have a financial background or didn’t finish school (like me). I write to help people, not to impress them.

The more you hang around here, the more things will click together in your mind. Your wealth and life satisfaction will improve as you notice yourself making better decisions and moving towards a better future.

If you’re like most readers, saving and investing will turn into something you love (if it isn’t already), and you’ll have more freedom with each passing year.

Why I started Strong Money Australia…

The main reason I created this website is to help people use their finances to create better lives for themselves.

To pass on the lessons I learned from my own FI journey, as well as what I’d do differently starting again today. And to help you build a strong financial position, so you can live a life with more free time and less stress.

Now, you might wonder why I bother, since technically I could sit on the beach all day or laze around watching TV with beer-in-hand…

Well, after ‘retiring’ from our regular job, we still need meaningful work to do. That’s what humans thrive on, and it’s a key ingredient to a happy life.

So after unwinding for a few months and settling into a new, slower-paced way of life, I decided to start this website. At first, it was just a blog to share my thoughts and see if I enjoyed writing.

Turns out I do enjoy writing! Combine that with the positive feedback I was receiving from readers, and it encouraged me to keep going. A few years later, with the addition of a podcast, and here we are today!

I truly enjoy working on this website – it’s really a labour of love. Thanks for spending some time here – I hope you get value from the content 🙂

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