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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence

Strong Money Australia Book


“A practical mix of finance, philosophy and psychology. Dave is an Aussie FIRE pioneer.”

Aussie Firebug

“Most people think financial independence isn’t possible on a normal salary, but this book shows exactly how it’s done.”

Pete Wargent, author of Get a Financial Grip

“Dave’s story is an honest and inspiring reflection of what it takes to succeed financially. His book is a field guide for understanding the world of money, and yourself.”

Owen Raszkiewicz, founder of Rask



What would life be like if you never had to work for money again?

That might sound like a fantasy. But gaining financial freedom is far more achievable than you think.

Dave Gow retired at 28, after a decade of working as a forklift driver. He didn’t win the lottery, inherit a fortune, or get lucky in the stock market. Instead, he discovered a simple set of principles that helped him spend less and invest more, all while increasing his happiness.

If you’re fed up with the rat race and wish you could live a life of freedom and fulfilment, his story will show you the path. In this book, you’ll learn:

— The mindset that helped Dave build wealth and retire at 28.

— Proven tactics to optimise your spending for more savings AND more enjoyment.

— How to easily build a portfolio of passive-income-producing investments.

— The keys to living a happy and satisfying life while working towards your financial goals.

Not only what to do, but how, and why.  Real principles, and the philosophy behind the lessons, so you can adapt it to your own life.

This book is your complete roadmap to reaching financial independence and retiring early in Australia.


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