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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence

Strong Money Australia Book

The complete roadmap to reaching financial independence and retiring early in Australia.

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“A practical mix of finance, philosophy and psychology. Dave is an Aussie FIRE pioneer.”

Aussie Firebug

"This book is a must read at any age but especially if you are young and have time to grow your financial literacy towards independence. - Don’t wait!!!"

Rowena (Amazon)

"I wish I had this book years ago. A basic, down to earth guide to finances. No preaching, just different strategies and how to go about it. Should be made a textbook in high schools."

Finoob (Amazon)

“This book is so easy to read and changing my mindset deeply! It strongly encouraged me to save more for investing.”

Emilia (Amazon)

"Life changing. Could not recommend this book more. It will change the way you think about money."

Victoria (Apple)

"I’ve read a bunch of different personal finance books, this one is fantastic. Very easy to listen to and follow along, great methods and ideas about how to achieve financial independence."

Andrew (Audible)

"If you want FI, you need to read this book! The old saying, "I wish I found this book 20 years ago" is an understatement. All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place."

Hells Books (Audible)

“Loved the changing mindset and emphasis on savings and not chasing investment returns. Very motivating for my own journey.”

Sean (Kobo)

"Before listening to this book I had absolutely no idea about money, investing, retiring early etc. I have absolutely loved ALL of this book and now feel I have a good plan in place to move forward with money."

Tilly (Audible)

"Dave sets out a compelling narrative with simple examples. This has re-inspired me to double down on my FIRE goals."

Decky (Apple)

"Excellent and insightful. This book covers everything you need to know and more, five stars!"

Lettie (Audible)

"Insanely practical insights that shape your thinking. Loved the whole book and inspired me to consider the future in a positive light"

Tim (Audible

"An Aussie fella telling his very relatable story. This is super inspiring for any Australian ready to learn about FI"

Cat (Audible)

If you’re fed up with the rat race and wish you could live a life of freedom and fulfilment, his story will show you the path.

In this book, you’ll learn:
  • The mindset that helped Dave build wealth and retire at 28.
  • Proven tactics to optimise your spending for more savings AND more enjoyment.
  • How to easily build a portfolio of passive-income-producing investments.
  • The keys to living a happy and satisfying life while working towards your financial goals.
  • Not only what to do, but how, and why.  Real principles, and the philosophy behind the lessons, so you can adapt it to your own life.
What would life be like if you never had to work for money again?

That might sound like a fantasy. But gaining financial freedom is far more achievable than you think.

Dave Gow retired at 28, after a decade of working as a forklift driver. He didn’t win the lottery, inherit a fortune, or get lucky in the stock market. Instead, he discovered a simple set of principles that helped him spend less and invest more, all while increasing his happiness.

“I pass on the lessons I learned from my own FI journey, and what I’d do differently starting again today to help you build a strong financial position and live a life with more free time and less stress.”

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