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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence


Podcast: Minimalism and Financial Independence

March 22, 2022

In this episode…

In the latest podcast, we discuss the huge overlaps between Minimalism and the pursuit of financial independence.

We talk about the benefits of Minimalism, the possible drawbacks, and how to put these lessons into practice in our everyday lives.


Listen to the show…

(or download the mp3 file here)


Discussion points…

  • Intro chat  (01:10)
  • What is minimalism all about?  (03:32)
  • Examples of minimalism in practice  (09:38)
  • The benefits of minimalism  (26:35)
  • The possible drawbacks  (35:46)
  • Misconceptions about minimalism  (40:41)
  • Our experiences (45:13)
  • Conclusion and takeaway (50:43)

Resources and stuff mentioned…

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7 Replies to “Podcast: Minimalism and Financial Independence”

  1. Nice one guys – great discussion!
    I feel this should be one of the main cornerstones of thinking in working towards FI.
    It’s a no brainer approach, for so many reasons, like you touch on – spend less money on stuff = more savings and smaller housing required, less environmental impact, less cleaning, less clutter/stress, less moving hassle etc etc.

    It shits me how wasteful we are as a species!

    1. Cheers Nick! Couldn’t agree more with your comments mate. I feel like we’re always talking about minimalism in various ways anyway without actually giving it a name 🙂

  2. Hi Dave, Great Podcast and Topic.

    I have read a few books and articles about Minimalism over the years. I have found the most usefull detail from this has been a thing called the Buyerarchy of Needs. This is a very simple pyramid diagram. It shows the best way to make a decision whne purchasing. I always refer to this when making a larger purchase and I highly recommend it. You can find a copy by doing a Google image search.

    1. Ah yes, this has been mentioned to me before by a reader, possibly even you? But yeah, it’s a fantastic way to think about purchasing choices!

  3. Heard about your website a few months ago and just got around to listening to my first podcast. Its like you are in my head – I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about not buying shit you don’t need, buying once but buying the best so it lasts, not going to events you don’t care about, using resources (money AND time) on the things that matter not the unnecessary ‘fluff’ in life. My phone is about 8 years old, my car is 14, my clothes all come from Good Sammies and its been about 4 yrs since I paid anyone to cut my hair! So much money is frittered away without thought on things that don’t actually make you happy….but not in my house (except maybe wine, but that DOES make me happy!)

    Next podcast here I come….

    1. Haha, glad the show is resonating with you Joanne! It also sounds like you’re doing an excellent job in the Minimalism department too, far better than myself in fact – nice work 🙂

  4. This seems to be the philosophy of extended memory correlated to artifacts that gives intrinsic value which may entail holding on to qualitative stuff but paradoxiclly may boarder into junk consumerist stuff. It takes some serious reflection to know the difference and act prudently for an improved living standard that enhances personal identity over time.

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