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Podcast with Aussie Firebug and…

May 26, 2018

Well, it’s been an interesting week!

Not long ago, I caught up with fellow blogger Aussie Firebug on his podcast for a chat.

It was a great discussion and although I was nervous, it was a lot of fun.  We share a lot in common and have learned many of the same lessons.

Among the topics discussed…

We chatted for around an hour, so grab a cuppa and settle in!  Simply click play below…



Big thanks to Aussie Firebug for inviting me on the show!  Head over to his blog to watch his FI journey in real time as he updates his progress.


Strong Money in the media…

And if that wasn’t enough, this blog has had some unexpected bonus exposure.

I recently wrote a piece for The Motley Fool about my journey and investments – How I saved and invested to retire at 28.

To my surprise, the article was republished in a couple of other places, including Yahoo Finance and MSN Money.

(The republished articles state I grew up in Western Australia which is not true.  For some reason, since I didn’t mention where I was from in the intro, the editor decided to add that part in, assuming I grew up in Perth, since that’s where I live)

Some of you may have ended up here from one of those outlets.  In that case, welcome!

Feel free to look around and see the topics we’ve already covered.  And stick around, because there’s plenty more juicy articles in the works.

After listening to the podcast and reading the published article, you’ll have a far better picture of our journey, our numbers, investment strategy and thinking than you had before, while still allowing us a small amount of privacy 🙂


22 Replies to “Podcast with Aussie Firebug and…”

    1. Haha! Yes it was a bit that way when I realised how simple and effective the ‘shares for income’ strategy was when combined with saving. Wish I did it this way from the start!

  1. Wow Dave is all I can say, I had you for a 50 year old accountant and now you are telling me you are 28 and a kid from the country. I thought I was a smartie retiring at 57 but you have me covered easy and that was a great story and podcast about your life so far and how you have done what you have.
    More power to you and I hope you continue making money and advising us mere mortals on how to live the easy life..
    Back to business..nice article on TCL, whats your preference out of TCL and SYD?

    1. Haha 50! Accountant!? Jeez, I must be boring then! 50 year old accountants are generally not famous for being fun and entertaining 😉

      Thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed it!

      Hmm, that’s a tricky one. They’re quite similar in many ways. I think I would choose Sydney Airport. Part of me thinks driverless cars could somehow mean less traffic for Transurban. But it could just as likely mean more cars, as costs drop dramatically and we all take 1 person car trips everywhere.

      Then again, if we all go live on Mars with Elon Musk then Sydney Airport won’t do very well, unless they build a launching pad at the airport. The answer is, I don’t know. When in doubt, I’d choose both!

  2. Congrats on all the recent exposure Dave – great to see a story like yours getting more attention (as well as your great blog content!).

    Not sure I’ve ever listened to a podcast, but I look forward to finding a nice quiet hour in the near future to tune in and listen!



    1. Thanks Frankie, appreciate that mate 🙂

      Podcasts are great, I listen to them at night mostly to avoid watching rubbish on TV!

  3. Hi Strong Money, I recently listened to your podcast with Aussie Firebug. Despite thinking I knew most of the Aussie bloggers, I had never come across you before. Absolutely loved the podcast. I’ve spent the last week or so reading through the archives here and have already learned heaps. Thanks for taking us on your journey, it’s incredibly motivational!

  4. Congrats for all your achievements, I like your stories, your blog content is really nice. I don’t think so I have ever heard your podcast. But I look for it surely.

  5. Dear Dave,
    You should write a book to aid your fellow Australians on the path to FIRE via saving and investing. Think of it as public service!! I predict your book would leap onto the best-sellers list in no time!
    The title of the book could be as simple as Strong Money Australia – A guide to financial independence…
    Thanks for the blog articles; very, very informative.

    1. Gee thanks Jeff – that’s kind of you to say!
      I’m not sure about the book idea, sounds like a lot of work 😉
      Maybe much later on when I’ve got all my thoughts out there (and they make sense) and the list of blog posts become frustratingly large for new visitors to get started?!

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