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Podcast: How to Deal With Taxes

April 5, 2022

In this episode…

In today’s show, discuss the different taxes we face on our financial journeys.

We chat about taxes on our income and investments, different options for reducing tax, including deductions and negative gearing.

We also break down examples of what taxes look like when you’re living off a portfolio.


Listen to the show…

(or download the mp3 file here)


Discussion points…

  • Intro chat  (01:10)
  • Employment taxes  (03:26)
  • Salary sacrificing and salary packaging  (07:45)
  • Capital gains and dividend taxes  (16:19)
  • Reducing tax on investments  (28:15)
  • Negative gearing and debt recycling  (39:47)
  • Taxes in early retirement  (47:08)
  • Some thoughts on trusts and structures  (53:13)
  • Where do our taxes go?  (59:11)

Resources and stuff mentioned…

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One Reply to “Podcast: How to Deal With Taxes”

  1. If you include the loss of benefits like family tax benefit and child care benefit etc there can be some really high effective tax rates on some members of society.

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