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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence


November 23, 2021 How to Actually Pull The Plug and Leave Work

Dealing with common fears and anxiety around leaving work, awkward conversations about FIRE, managing debt in retirement and convincing yourself it’s safe to step into freedom.

DHHF & VDHG: The Ultimate in Simplicity
November 9, 2021 DHHF & VDHG: Is A One Fund Portfolio All You Need?

I break down the pros and cons of all-in-one funds like DHHF and VDHG for long term investors.

Is A 20% House Deposit Always the Best Move?
October 26, 2021 Is A 20% House Deposit Always the Best Move?

Looking at whether using a smaller deposit (and paying LMI) to buy a home and investing the difference works out better than the typical large deposit approach.  And whether paying LMI to buy sooner makes sense.

October 12, 2021 Sitting Down with Strong Money – Your Questions Answered #15

Fresh round of reader Q&A.  Questions include online lenders, splurging after smashing the mortgage, investing in bonds, buying discounted LICs, and more!

Preparing for Early Retirement
September 29, 2021 How to Prepare For Early Retirement

My advice on how to get yourself ready for early retirement, lessons and reflections from my own experience and what I would do differently.

Criticisms of the FIRE Movement
September 14, 2021 The Questions, Complaints and Criticisms About Retiring Early

Addressing some complaints and criticism of the FI movement and the idea of retiring early to do things other than full-time work, without a gigantic level of wealth.

August 31, 2021 Investment Portfolio Update: Mid Year 2021

In this update, I share our investment income for FY 2020-21, selling an investment property, and how our share portfolio is progressing.

Should you borrow to invest in shares?
August 17, 2021 Should You Borrow to Invest in Shares?

Is borrowing to invest in shares a good strategy? Will it help you reach FI faster?  I explain everything you need to consider in this article.

August 3, 2021 Why I Moved My Investments Over to Pearler

After years of using other low cost brokers, I’ve decided Pearler is comfortably the best option for long term share investing. This article explains the reasons why.

July 20, 2021 The Ultimate Guide to Debt Recycling (2021 Updated and Revised)

An in-depth breakdown of the debt recycling strategy and how it can help you invest and pay down your mortgage at the same time in a tax effective manner.

Thoughts After Four Years of Freedom
July 6, 2021 Thoughts After Four Years of Freedom

In this article, I share my outlook and mindset four years after retiring early. I feel different about life, work, and money. What an experience FI has been!

June 22, 2021 How to Become Recession-Proof

Advice and tips on how to become recession proof, so you can live life without fear, knowing you’re financially prepared for anything.

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