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Creating Freedom Through Financial Independence


Paving Your Own Road to Riches

April 21, 2017

Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, let’s get on with the purpose of this blog.

Helping you get from where you are today, to a position of financial strength and a lifetime of freedom ahead of you!

It should be obvious that if you want to change your future, you have to change what you’re currently doing.

You’re going to create your own future. You need to approach money in a different way to the majority of the population if you want to be wealthy.  By definition, you can’t do the same things as everyone else and expect to get a different result.

The relationship you have with money may need to change. You need to think like the rich do, and develop Strong Money habits to make it happen.  It seems there are two options to choose from with how you handle your money today…

1–  Spend all you earn and also load yourself up with credit cards, car loans, personal loans, a big mortgage and an all-round expensive lifestyle.

2–  Spend all you earn on the finer things in life, living only for today, keeping nothing for yourself and your future.

It may seem strange but I’ve actually come across a third option… it’s called not spending all your money.  And it turns out that it ain’t so bad.  Living in modern-day Australia, our lives are already incredible.

Far from missing out, you can actually live a great lifestyle.  One that is healthier, more enjoyable, more meaningful, more sensible, less stressful and better for our planet.

The unusual part is that when you have only moderate living expenses, you can save up that extra cash, invest it and then make the best purchase of your life.  You can buy your freedom!


The Simple Truth

The main principle that makes this happen is by focusing on making your spending efficient, like a business would.

If your spending isn’t efficient, then it’s wasteful.  I know people generally don’t feel like they’re being wasteful, but if we just wake up and start being a bit more efficient it makes a huge difference to our financial situation.

It’s pretty simple.  Before you get side-tracked, it’s not about earning more cash, there are countless stories of celebrities, sports stars, CEO’s and very high income families who are either broke or struggling.  How can this happen?

Because there is no limit to the amount you can spend.  And apparently no limit to their lavish lifestyles and material desires.

The issue is not how much they earn, it’s how much they spend.  We actually just have to start keeping some of that cash we earn.

This is how you start accumulating wealth.  Accumulate means: to build up.  So we simply cannot become wealthy by ridding ourselves of our earnings.

Once you build an efficient lifestyle and develop Strong Money habits, saving becomes effortless.  Around this time, things will start to change for you.


Making the shift

You’ll make the shift from just being an everyday Consumer in the economy, to being an Owner.  If you look around you, money is constantly changing hands at a pace like never before and it is changing hands from consumer to owner.

You will be an owner too.  It’s easy.  It’s called Investing!  When you start investing, you get to benefit from all the economic activity you see happening all around you, and plenty you can’t see too.

We’ll get into investing later, but for now just think about how this change in the way you approach money, can benefit you.  If you want to jump right to it, here’s the basic outline of investing for financial independence.

As your relationship with money transforms, dealing with financial issues and the topic of money will become enjoyable and even exciting!

As your financial position becomes stronger, your future will become brighter and more abundant than you thought possible.

Don’t let it stress you out and back you into a corner.  By developing Strong Money habits you will become the master of your money and be in control of it at all times.

Money will become your slave.  It will work for you day and night, for as long as you keep it.  So put your money to work, and leave it alone!

Every dollar you save and invest will work for you forever…


7 Replies to “Paving Your Own Road to Riches”

  1. It’s so interesting that people just spend to the level of their income, often without really thinking about it.

  2. Dear Strong Money Australia,
    I recently came across your excellent blog via the PodCast you did with Aussie FIREBug. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    All the best,
    “A part of all you earn is yours to keep”
    The Richest Man in Babylon – G.S. Clason

    1. Welcome Jeff!
      Great quote that one, timeless!

      Thanks for reading, there’s plenty more posts here to keep you going for a while 🙂

  3. Hi there.

    I’m a bit of a Financial Blog junkie and recently just learning there are actually Australians that do this also.

    I am 31 but in the early stages of selling my property portfolio and throwing 100% into the share market.
    Not really the place for it but I was also thinking about starting a blog as well with the intention of recording the journey from start to FIRE. From my calculations, from starting anew I should be able to retire or significantly reduce my hours of working to more than half in about 3 1/2 – 7 years depending on returns. Either way, it’s not a great deal of time. I also have a wife and 2 young daughters and wanted to show to other families that it is possible to do at my age and in my circumstances.

    However, I feel like I would not have the intellect to create posts that others would find interesting enough and I also don’t take criticism well as I am an introvert by nature and especially with all the trolls roaming the net these days. Just wanted to pick your brains sometime about your experience with it so far and if you think it is worth the added stress or whether I should just concentrate on building my net wealth instead.

    I am also in WA but living regionally in the the Pilbara.

    1. Welcome Ben! Yeah there’s a couple of us Aussies trying to provide some locally focused content 🙂

      Sounds like you’ve done well so far, nice work!

      As for starting a blog, I’ll shoot you an email with my thoughts.

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