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Podcast: FIRE Away! – Listener Questions Roundup #5

November 30, 2021

In this episode…

This week is a Q&A show where we answer questions sent in by listeners.

A really nice variety of talking points with something for people at every stage of the FI journey.  Hope you enjoy!


Listen to the show…

(or download the mp3 file here)


Discussion points…

  • Would you still invest aggressively inside super past age 40?  (05:42)
  • What podcasts do Pat and Dave like listening to?  (16:37)
  • What do you think of the changes to Vanguard Personal Investor?  (20:00)
  • Case study – How can I optimise further?  (28:24)
  • How would you get started investing as a teenager with $500?  (35:05)

Resources and stuff mentioned…

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6 Replies to “Podcast: FIRE Away! – Listener Questions Roundup #5”

  1. Hi guys, love the podcast.

    I can confirm Vanguard does offer auto invest for their managed fund products; $200 minimum fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

    They plan to add the function to Vanguard ETF’s in 2022

    Started mid November.

    1. Hey Matt, thanks for your support, and appreciate the extra info! That’s pretty cool, good to see automatic investing becoming more widely available.

  2. I also listen to the Animal Spirits Podcast and to the Compound and Friends Podcast. Both really enjoyable.

    Any thoughts on Private Equity as podcast topic?
    Seems to be a popular topic currently.
    Interesting that Blackrock was born from Blackstone, which is the largest Private Equity firm in the world.

    Of interest is the
    S&P Listed Private Equity Index (SPLPEQTY)

    VanEck have recently listed a
    Global Listed Private Equity ETF on the
    ASX (GPEQ)

    Keep up the good work lads

    1. Thanks Ross 🙂 Yeah I love how laid back the guys are while knowing their stuff, and talk shit to each other alongside the finance content.

      Hmm, I haven’t really thought too much about that as I hadn’t realised there were any options available to retail investors’ in Oz yet. I guess it’s still early days. My initial thought is there’s really no need for it, no guarantee it will come with higher returns (the best deals may have already been taken), but does guarantee higher costs and an extra holding to manage.

      Will keep this one on the radar as a future podcast topic. Thanks for the tip and appreciate you tuning in!

      1. I don’t know how much spin and haven’t fact checked but from the S&P Listed Privacy Index talking points pdf

        The primary reason for investor interest in private equity is its return enhancement potential. In the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, each U.S. dollar invested in the average private equity fund returned at least 20% more than a U.S. dollar invested in the S&P 500®, with outperformance of at least 3% per year.

        Equity Mates had an interesting podcast on Private Equity, Public Markets.

        1. One issue I’m aware of is that those returns are overwhelmingly driven by a small handful of investments, even more so than the public market. And there is record of the best private equity firms repeatedly getting the best investments, rather than a random spread between managers. So it’s likely harder to capture those returns given we can’t own everything, especially when the higher fees are accounted for. I don’t mind the idea though!

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